Practical Mediation in the Workplace


Our mediators at Practical Mediation are experienced at helping businesses and organisations deal with conflict in the workplace.  They have mediated conflict between managers and employees, between work colleagues, conflict within teams and between trustees - in businesses, local authorities, charities, health professionals and schools.

Contact Trish or Roger today for a free and confidential, no obligation discussion about the help we can offer you:

  • mediation when work colleagues are already in conflict

  • bespoke training for teams or individuals in effective communication skills - to avoid problems occurring in the first place.

Practical ways to deal with conflict


If not dealt with effectively, conflict in the workplace can affect the morale of whole teams or departments; and time and resources are spent in dealing with management processes and grievance procedures. It can lead to the loss of valuable employees and even stress claims, litigation or tribunals.

  • at Practical Mediation workplace mediations can be arranged very quickly - in most cases in a matter of days after referral - and can often be completed in a day 

  • the process is confidential and private

  • most mediations are successful as viewed by management and participants

Our mediators at Practical Mediation are experienced in helping people in conflict to work through their difficulties and reach agreement.  

If anyone is apprehensive about mediation or unsure if mediation is the best way forward for them, we can speak to them in confidence to provide information, guidance and reassurance.

Our Mediators

"Having worked with Trish for the last 14 years, I have found her to be one of the most professional and knowledgeable mediators and mediation trainers.  Trish has the skills, dedication, breadth and depth of experience, making her a fantastic mediator."  R Iqbal 

Trish Groves
Roger Gilbert

"Even in the face of particularly challenging behaviours, Roger was able to remain calm and encourage participants to grasp the opportunity to address their issues directly with co-disputants and guide them toward building a mutually acceptable agreement."

J Johnston

If you have any further questions about the help we can offer, or about the mediation process, please contact Roger or Trish.

The Workplace Mediation Process


After referral,  the process begins with individual private meetings with the mediator, progressing on to a joint meeting where participants are assisted to discuss their difficulties in a structured and safe way.

At Practical Mediation we have found that in appropriate cases a workplace mediation can be completed very successfully within a working day.

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