Practical Mediation in Neighbour Disputes

Conflict with neighbours is very stressful and can turn your home into a prison. If the dispute involves boundaries or property rights, it can be very expensive indeed for all concerned.  


If you are a landlord, it can be very difficult to deal with tenants who are in conflict - and you can lose tenants and rental income.

Our mediators at Practical Mediation are experienced in helping neighbours to communicate and find a way of getting along.

If you are a property owner, a tenant or a landlord, contact Trish or Roger at Practical Mediation today for a free and confidential no obligation discussion about the help we can offer.

Practical Mediation


Whether neighbours are in dispute about noise, parking, or property rights,  more and more people are discovering that mediation is the most satisfactory way of reaching a resolution.  Litigation is an expensive, time consuming and lengthy way of dealing with such disputes: usually everyone is unhappy with the result.

Our impartial mediators at Practical Mediation are experienced in helping neighbours work through their difficulties and reach agreement:

  • all enquiries are dealt with in absolute confidence

  • we can arrange mediations very quickly - usually in a matter of days 

  • we can provide the information and reassurance needed to get a mediation off the ground

  • our structured approach will guide the parties through the process


​The great thing is that most mediations are successful as viewed by the participants - and mediation often repairs relationships.

Our Mediators

"...careful to ensure participants resolve their difficulties in a way that meets their specific needs. Personification of text book definition of a mediator. " J Johnston

Trish Groves

"Roger combines his extensive knowledge of the legal system with compassion, empathy, common sense and where appropriate, humour too." N. Adams

Roger Gilbert

What does a mediation involve?

Neighbour disputes can be divided into two broad categories:  disputes which are all about behaviours which affect relationships - for example noise or parking; and those which concern property rights - for example locations of a boundary, or rights across a property. 

The mediation process is flexible but typically, after referral,  the mediator will hold individual private meetings with each neighbour, leading to a joint meeting where they are assisted to discuss their difficulties in a structured and safe way.

Where a mediation involves property rights, we recommend that before mediating you obtain independent legal advice as your rights and the likely outcomes so that you can make an informed decision as to how you want to proceed.  

Our mediators are not practising lawyers and cannot offer legal advice to anyone involved in a mediation.

When should a mediation take place?

Mediation can be effective at any stage of a conflict. However, it is better for mediation to take place sooner rather than later:  the longer conflict continues, the more entrenched parties can become, and the more difficult it can be to resolve.

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