At Practical Mediation we can give you practical and effective help in dealing with conflict: -

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When conflict arises, our mediators can help you to find a way forwards to a timely and cost effective solution.  Compared with the traditional methods of dispute resolution - litigation, grievance procedures, disciplinary hearings and the like - mediation has many advantages and management and parties usually view mediation as a positive experience:


  • the majority of mediations result in a successful outcome as judged by the parties

  • mediations take place privately and in confidence

  • mediations can be set up in a matter of days and completed very quickly

  • they save huge amounts of time, stress and money

  • they help repair relationships rather than damage them.

Our experienced mediators at Practical Mediation are skilled at helping conflicting parties work through difficulties and in most cases we can help set up a mediation within a matter of days of referral.  


We can also help you, your colleagues or staff develop more effective communication skills so that conflict is less likely to arise.


If you are not sure if mediation is the right way forward, or how to introduce the idea of mediating to others, we can provide help, guidance and reassurance.

Case Study 1

The Claimant owned a holiday chalet on a holiday park.  He and the park owner fell out over the use of the chalet and various fees which the park owner claimed under the lease of the plot. A half day mediation took place, at the end of which the parties reached agreement and a settlement agreement was drawn up.

Case Study 2

D and G were friends at work.  D was promoted and became G’s manager.  Their relationship became very difficult and both were very stressed. At the end of a three hour joint meeting, the parties were able to speak to each other honestly and resolve past grievances and reach agreement on how they would deal with any issues arising in the future.

Our Mediators

Trish combines practical experience and theoretical knowledge. She has eighteen years experience as a mediator and as a supervisor of mediation practice, and has also delivered accredited mediation skills training for many years for various organisations across the country. 

Trish Groves

With a degree in Social Sciences and Theology, Trish is known for her down to earth approach and tenacity in helping parties resolve conflicts successfully.

"Professional approach; careful to ensure participants resolve their difficulties in a way that meets their specific needs. Personification of text book definition of a mediator."

J. Johnston

Roger Gilbert

Roger has over thirty years experience of dealing with commercial and legal disputes as a solicitor and more than twenty years of training and practice as a personal counsellor.  He is an experienced mediator. This special mix of experience and skills maximises the opportunity for disputing parties to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

A graduate of Cambridge University, Roger is known for his naturally calm manner, analytical skills, and ability to build rapport and trust.

"Roger combines his extensive knowledge of the legal system with compassion, empathy, common sense and where appropriate, humour too."  N.Adams

Practical Mediation
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